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Our company was founded way back in 1993. In the beginning, the range of products offered was very limited and consisted mainly of storage shelving and pick and mix containers. However, as time went by, the need to cater for a wider range of shop fittings arose, driven by long lines of clients who seemed unable to find the products they were looking for on the domestic market. Consequently, a new company was officially registered in 1998 - CRC (Malta) Ltd.

In a matter of weeks, CRC (Malta) Ltd. established contacts with various specialised suppliers from all over the world, chose the best brands and products the world market could offer and brought them to our shores at the lowest possible prices. And that is how CRC evolved in the dynamic company it is today – a one-stop shop for whoever wants to start-up or embellish any type of retail outlet, catering establishment, office or store. A Ceaseless stream of positive comments from satisfied clients continues to spur us forward in our search for high-quality products day after day.

Nowadays, CRC (Malta) Ltd. is a well-established company with its own 5-storey complex that houses the showrooms, offices and warehouses spread on each of the 400sq. metre floors. Our own delivery vehicles enable us to transport the goods right up to the client’s doorsteps. Indeed, with everything centralised under one roof, a reliable, efficient and fast service to our clients is the order of the day.

Today CRC (Malta) Ltd. boasts a portfolio of over 30,000 products which include shop shelving, storage shelving, complete refrigeration systems, cold rooms, security tags, alarm systems, bar counters, mannequins, office furniture and so much more. Every year, more than 1000 clients come to us for products and design solutions. While 60% of these would be new clients, the remaining 40% represent satisfied customers who come back for new products and fresh ideas.

We believe that apart from having an extensive range of high-quality products offered at extremely competitive prices, nothing exceeds the importance of a good after sales service because our clients deserve the best.



Our primary objective is to provide an extensive range of high-quality products at competitive prices to ensure customer satisfaction at all times. A timely delivery of products coupled with a strong after sales service also rank high in our priority list.